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Welcome to Beauty Culture Academy in New York

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Beauty Culture Academy was founded in 2015 as a premiere cosmetology school. Our state of the art educational facility practices trendsetting cosmetic artistry. Our mission for our students is not only to educate them with a strong emphasis on passing the New York State Cosmetology Exam, but to offer them the best foundation available to build a long professional, prosperous, and well-rounded career in cosmetology. For your convenience, we are centrally located in the TriState area on Staten Island - just 20 minutes from Manhattan, the Fashion Capital of the world. We are easily accessible for commuters from New York, New Jersey, and Brooklyn by all bridges and mass transit.

Why Beauty Culture Academy?

✂ Our training program includes advanced, creative, and comprehensive cosmetology curricula.

✂ Our instructors are trained to our standards of excellence so that they can train you to be the best.

✂ We have a state-of-the-art, boutique beauty school in the fashion and beauty capital of the world. We foster an intimate and personalized program that puts the attention on you.

✂ You will be connected to the wealth of knowledge and talent at CLASSIQUE studio. Master stylists from the salon give periodic guest demos and lectures, offering you their unique experience and insight to the industry.

✂ Your education will be forever connected to the CLASSIQUE name: A company known across the world for its creative excellence a nd commitment to the highest standards of hairdressing.

✂ Our combination of theory and hands-on practical work will build your knowledge, confidence, and creative repertoire so that you'll be ready for a lifetime of success.

✂ You will learn a full range of skills including communication, business building, editorial, retail success, team work, how to set and achieve goals, as well as hair cutting, coloring, chemical restructuring and styling.

✂ You will see cosmetology from every angle: You'll be in a retail environment, you'll be presenting your own creative projects, you'll meet and greet guests, and you'll even be put into the shoes of a salon manager.