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Start Your New & Exciting Career in the Fields of Cosmetology/Esthetics

1000 Hour Cosmetology Day/Evenings Program

In just seven short months, you'll be well on your way to building your career as a sought-after hairstylist. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm and evenings Monday through Thursday  5:00pm to 10:30pm, giving you ample time to study, practice, and still enjoy your leisure. If you're ready to get your career moving, give us a call today.

Cosmetology Program

Our courses are designed to teach students the most current haircutting and coloring techniques while giving them the opportunity to grow and express their creativity. Ultimately, we strive to graduate the most talented hair professionals in the industry. Our academy is led by a team of gifted industry leaders who are devoted to producing the best stylists.

Mission Statement

  1. We at Beauty Culture Academy are dedicated to providing an opportunity to produce quality cosmetologists and estheticians who can meet the present and future demands of the beauty industry.
  2. We are student -focused and committed to providing each student with the knowledge, training and confidence to succeed in the appearance enhancement profession.
  3. Throughout beauty culture academy programs, emphasis is placed upon essential salon services and techniques, business stratagies such as customer service, client retention, and salon retailing, plus marketing and people skills.
  4. We are focused on preparing our students to pass both their state licensure exams.

Beauty Culture Academy maintains programs that are constantly updated to ensure our students are prepared to successfully enter the professional appearance enhancement industry.

600 Hour Esthetic Program

• The 600 hours course in theory and hands on skills prepares you to take the New York State written and practical exams to obtain your license.
• The "core curriculum" includes theory in skin physiology and histology, skin diseases and disorders, skin analysis, science of product ingredients, hair removal, makeup, advanced topics and treatments, the use of machines in facials and more.
• The practical, hands on part of the class teaches you skills of skin analysis to determine skin type and conditions and use of proper products, facial massage techniques, extractions, mask application and more.
• In addition, our experienced teachers go beyond the "core curriculum" and provide theory and hands on lessons that include the use of essential and carrier oils in facials, custom made masks, and back facials.

Esthetic Program

A license in esthetics opens many career doors in the ever growing field of skin care and cosmetics. With an esthetic's license you will be able to perform a vast array of services in a spa or salon, travel the country or the world by being a makeup or skin care manufacturer's sales rep or trainer, or even be employed on a cruise ship as an esthetician, as well as, many other career opportunities. In addition, you can also work with a doctor in the field of dermatology or plastic surgery as a medical aesthetician. 

Beauty Culture Academy strives to provide you with best training and knowledge to give you the confidence and skills to start your new career.

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